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Haze Then

Left to Right (Rear): Soli (Wolf) Hughes, Mike (El Capalero) Lopez, Paul (Sweet Sweet) Johnson, Wil (Spock) Ternior, Robert (Cheetah) Thomas.
Left to Right (Front): Janelle (Love Child) Green, Peter (Baby Tang) Johnson, Stevie (50 Cent Slug) Balenger.

Haze Now

Left to Right (Rear): Soli (Wolf) Hughes, Michael (Kenyata) Johnson, Paul (Sweet Sweet) Johnson, Wil (Spock) Ternior, Sonny (Bozy) Knight.
Left to Right (Front): Janelle (Love Child) Green, Peter (Baby Tang) Johnson, Stevie (50 Cent Slug) Balenger.


We were the first ‘Black’ Band from Minnesota (Historically) to have a National ‘Chart Record Single’ (“I Do Love My Lady”) years before any other Minnesota ‘Funk’ Band. Since then, we have recorded a total of Three (3) Albums.

  • “When We Were Kids”
  • “MidWestEast”
  • “Time Won’t Change Our Minds”

The ‘Master Tapes’ for the Three (3) Albums were stored in a trunk by Peter Johnson, Co-Founder, Leader, Keyboardist and Principal Song Writer for Haze® and essentially, forgotten. Almost 38 years later during a move, he rediscovered the forgotten Master Tapes.

Our First Album – “When We Were Kids” was recorded in 1973 and released in 1974.

Our Second Album – “MidWestEast” and our Third Album – “Time Won’t Change Our Minds” were never released to the public… until now!

All Three (3) ‘Vintage’ Albums are now available on Compact Disc ‘exclusively’ from this Website and/or from our listed ‘Affiliate’ Websites Only! If you purchase from any other source, there is no guarantee that you will be getting ‘Official’ Haze® products.

These are not ‘Copies’ or ‘Knock-offs’. This is the ‘actual’ music recorded by Haze® and digitally re-mastered and enhanced from the ‘original’ Master Tapes, Authorized by Haze® and Re-released by Haze®.

We are also offering a Limited Collector’s Compact Disc, commemorating our 2010 reunion. This Disc is Titled: “HAZE II – Resurrection and includes a 20-Page, ‘Full-Color’ Booklet. There were Only 1000 CD’s Pressed! We still have some available for purchase.

And still further, we are offering our extremely “Rare”, “Black” Vinyl LP Album simply titled: Haze®. There were only 2500 Pressed. At the time of this posting, there are a total of Eight (8) remaining. They are ‘Factory Sealed’ and unopened! This is History Folks!

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